Sick baby chick


In the Brooder
Apr 26, 2015
I have sixteen baby chicks a little over a week old. Yesturday I found one of them not so well. Her breathing seemed heavy and quick. She was opening and closing her beak and extending her neck out.. I had no idea what to do except remove her from the brooder and start researching. There were no other symptoms such as drainage or bloody droopings. I guessed she had a respiratory infection or ate something. I drove to TSC and asked for advice. A lady working there said she had the same issue and tried to give hers antibiotics, but thought she gave it incorrectly down the wrong hole. (I read something about this.) I knew i did not want to take that chance. The other antibiotic they had said to not give to chickens whos eggs are intended for human consumption. This left me with one decision keep her warm, offer food and water, then pray. I woke the next morning to sweet sound of chirps. She not only lived, but was eating drinking and trying to jump out of the box. I left her there for the rest of the day to make sure she was truely okay. Put her back with the other chicks this evening and observed them all. I come to the conclusion she could have eaten some of the wood shavings i the brooder. I feel lucky.:D

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