sick baby chick


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6 Years
Nov 17, 2013
I have several baby chicks in the house that are about 20 days old. I came home today to find one not running around her wings are down, she is staying in the same spot not down just standing there. her whole body is moving from her breathing. vent is clear, she isn't eating or drinking i tried to get her to take some water she seems to be breathing with her mouth open almost gasping. any ideas on what to do? I have her isolated now.



Apr 25, 2015
A good chance its cocci. I would treat for cocci with corid etc. A good majority of the time with young birds its cocci to blame. Sounds like the beginning stages, imediate treatment is required. The good news is if it isn't cocci for some reason, treating with Corid has no ill effects. It could be something else like mites, worms, or another disease, but my money is on cocci.

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