Sick baby chicks :(

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    Jul 25, 2013
    Petawawa, Ontario, Canada
    I need help!!! I have a few baby chicks that started today being sick looking. They aren't really moving around and some are pooping blood. Should I separate them from the others? Is there something that I can do to help? Im worried these little ones!!
  2. Suzierd

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    Aug 8, 2011
    It's Coccidia, get them on Corid right away it can kill quickly.
    Dose for the 9.6% oral solution is 9.5cc per gallon water, you may need to help the ones that are to sick to drink on their own by putting some in a dropper and putting drops on the side of the beak they will suck it in. Change water with meds Dailey. I think it's for five to seven days you can do a search to be sure. You will find Corid in a feed store in the cattle section.
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    I believe Amprol is the name for amprollium or Corid in Canada. You may need to call vet or Ministry of Health for it. Until you can get the med, give them some chick feed or cornmeal mixed with buttermilk (milk will work if no buttermilk.)
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    Apr 17, 2013
    Is there anything else that can cause blood in poop. I know its not the shedding of the intestinal wall I've seen that. I had one with what appeared to be cocci and I had run out of kocci free which is what I use with fantastic results. So I made a mash with her food and added some things I know to help with parasites from my herbal training. I used about 2 cups feed with enough water to make a mash and about 1/2 tbls of turmeric, some ginger, some fresh diced garlic, some cayenne pepper, and a touch of unpasteurized local honey. Within 12 hrs her color wad back and no more bloody poop. I fed this to all 5 chickens for 5 days and the one that looked sucks is back to her normal self. I read an article on turmeric a cocci a while back so my gut told me to try it since I don't really have much available locally. I have to order all my meds online even natural which I prefer. I am pretty sure it was cocci since the conditions where right and out of my control. It just kept raining.
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    May 9, 2013
    Eggcessive is correct,it is called Amprol(liquid) in Canada,i purchase mine through my vet. You only need about 500ml(you can purchase less,but with 500ml you will have some on hand for the next time)tell vet this. Dose for Amprol liquid is 2 tsp per gallon of water. Treat ALL chicks for 5 days. No need to separate,if one is showing symptoms,they all have an overload. Cocci is a parasitic infection of the intestinal tract,it is spread by droppings,which get into feed/water via droppings. Considering there are 9 strains of Cocci,an overload/outbreak can happen at anytime,older chickens can have an overload of cocci also. Leading cause of deaths in chicks,very common for chicks to have an overload/outbreak,kills very fast. DO NOT give vitamins during treatment,they interfere with the ability of the Amprol to work.
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