Sick baby Orloffs- Help Please


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Jan 19, 2011
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I have (had) six baby Russian Orloffs. In the past couple of days I lost two. One was found already gone. The other was found barely alive and then died. I have a third that appears to have issues. I have found her a couple of times sprawled out lethargic. With some stimulation (holding, petting, water on beak,) she seems to come around. they all seems like narcileptics becasue they fall asleep often and anywhere. But this third little one, once "woke up" is more sleepy, and unsteady. It will move to you (like people a lot) or to other birds to try and snuggle. I thought maybe weather because it was hot, but it was cool last night, but I still found her layed out this morning. Help Please...


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Feb 28, 2010
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Did they look puffed up? Have you noticed any blood in poops? The video here may be difficult to watch, but is educational and you can compare the symptoms of these birds to yours to see if coccidiosis is what your flock may be suffering.

If it is just heat, get them cooled down. Give them ice in their drinking water and make sure they have lots of shade. You can put some water in inexpensive kitty litter pans for them to wade in and you can freeze large bottles of water for them to lean against (cover with a towel for chicks that aren't yet fully feathered). Fans and misters can also be used. If a chicken is acting lethargic from being too hot, you can add electrolytes to the drinking water. You can find powdered electrolytes at the feed store, which are ideal, or use an electrolyte drink like Gatoraid or Pedialyte from the grocery store. Look for whatever has the least amount of sugar content.

Otherwise, check closely for other symptoms. Check poops for signs of worms and bodies for signs of injury. Look for nasal discharge or discharge at the eyes, that could be a sign of a respiratory infection. Also check to see if there is any discoloration of the eyes or dilated pupils.

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