Sick baby


5 Years
Sep 10, 2014
Hi. I am new to raising chicks. I have 38 hy-line chicks and my set up is very backyard style. I have them inside in a big cardboard box with a bedside table lamp hanging upside down in it as the heat source (as well as an electric blanket underneath the box).
I came home from work tonight to find one had gotten her neck stuck in the lamp shade. Clearly I had not hung it high enough for the cheeky ones that really stretch themselves. She has a swollen eye, the one that was closest to the light and is very weak. I have managed to get a little water into her and a tiny bit of mash that she more licks at than anything. She seems more tired than anything now. I tried putting her back with the others but they straight away started pecking at her eye. I have nowhere else to put her so she is in a bowl with a knitted scarf in the box with the others. I get up a couple of times a night to check on them anyway so I'll try to feed her a little then.

Sorry for the there anything else I can do for her?
try dipping her beak as often as possible into her water as you are doing. Chicks can be fragile, so hopefully she will improve daily if she doesn't have brain damage. Some blue food color on the bruise may keep them from pecking her. A shoebox inside the brooder may separate her for a day or two (with food and water.) Go and buy an $8 heat lamp, and securely suspend it from above at least 18 inches above them. When close to 2 weeks old, they will be jumping out of your box, so I would probably build a large brooder out of plywood that is 4x4x2 feet high, and make a screen cover for it. Sorry about your chick.
She made it through the night. I had her separated overnight but have put the food colouring on her and put her back in. The others didn't pay her any attention. Thanks for that tip.
I have them in a box that has really high sides so hopefully I won't have to build another house.

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