Sick Bantam - Infectious disease, help!

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  1. Zurik

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    Dec 28, 2013
    Hello everyone, I have no idea what to do and Im afraid this disease might spread.
    I have a flock of 1 rooster, 5 hens of regular chicken breeds and 1 bantam hen. Recently I bought another bantam to keep my previous one company. Turns out that wasnt such a good idea, it seems that the bantam I bought was sick, she had a closed, runny eye and kept her mouth open, gasping for air and vomiting a clear liquid (water?), to add to that, my previous bantam hen didn't get along with her at all, she peaked pecked her in the eyes and always messed around with her..
    That didn't last long, turns out the constant harrassment and the runny eye/beak was too much for the new bantam, she soon died.
    Problem is my old bantam is now showing the same simptoms. She used to be energetic and now she is depressed, shows a closed runny eye and has her beak open all the time. So clearly whatever disease this was, it was infectious.
    -Im afraid it spreads to my other hens, or is it possible it is a bantam-only disease?
    -I though about quarantining my bantam in a dog transport cage, in order to prevent contamination, is this a good idea? Im afraid this will only depress her further.
    -Also, medication-wise, what can I do to cure it? Should I give them something or should I just let nature run its course?
    Thank you.
  2. Dee Dee 2

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    Jun 8, 2012
    Tomball, Tx.
    I am sure not expert. Trying to find out what is killing mine. However from what you have described it may be some type of bird flu. I would get the sick chickens as far away from the healty ones as possable. If you can steralize your coop THOROUGHLY ~ weather permitting. I am sorry about your loss and demise but I think you may have a big problem. This is another example of why "chichen folks" say NEVER bring another bird (s) into your flock and if you must ~ quarentine them for at least 30 days far away from the others. You should read ~ everyone should read ~ the biosecurity measures a GOOD hatctery goes through. Mind boggling. For the second time I have learned this the hard way. I got some J.G.'s that I am pretty sure brought Mareks into my flock. Wish you the best in your efforts. (I think it okay to say ~~ a fairly good book on chicken disease's is Chicken Health for Dummies.) If some one can recommend better ones please let me know.

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