Sick Bantam Wyandotte

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    Oct 7, 2009
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    Our 6MO silver-laced Wyandotte has been languishing. Monday night Nov 30 when I went to lock the girls down for the night, Wyandotte was gone. She spent the night by herself (no idea where) but was back the next morning looking distressed, with a few feathers hanging off. (She'd been molting a little, so I didn't know if the few dangling feathers were from a squirmish or just more molting.)

    She's been declining ever since. I've checked over her body time after time for a bite or anything broken, but I can't find anything. (How would I find a small bite, anyway, under all those feathers?) She seems to be unable to tolerate the cold like the others--she hangs by herself, puffed out as wide as possible, eyes closed, not acting normal. She doesn't make sound anymore and doesn't seem to be eating, not even live worms. [​IMG] I don't know what to do.

    The timing of her decline may be coincidental with her disappearance, of course. I'm just at a loss. [​IMG]

    I JUST put her in the run with our 3.5-wk-old standard leghorn pullets (in the garage) because her decline seems to have gotten much more drastic suddenly. I'm worried she can't take the cold weather another night, in her present state. When I put her in, she just laid down in front of the heat lamp, ignoring the chicks.

    I'm also worried she might get after the chicks- will she? She seems too sick to get after them right now but I'd feel terrible if I got up in the morning and she'd hurt or killed any of them... Is that possible? I need to figure out where I can put her until she recovers (IF she recovers), if this won't work...

    Any ideas or suggestions as to what could cause this deterioration???

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