Sick barred rock hen

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    Apr 13, 2010
    Mean Marge is not quite right. She is a little over a year old now and has been,up to two weeks ago, a big, beautiful girl. Her comb flopped over one day. A couple days later, while out freeranging, she stood stock still for some time, not moving, not doing anything. I have noticed that she has dropped in weight as well. She eats, drinks, poops and freeranges with her sisters but isnt quite right. Her comb, wattles and face are red. I have gone over her repeatedly and find no sign of any parasites (lice, mites, etc.). I think she is laying eggs but cant be sure as I have 2 broodies who arent and I am getting 5-6 eggs a day. Could it be worms? I havent seen any in anyones poop but I could have missed it. I did find a callous/sore on her breastbone tonight along with a small lump below that. Not sure if its there because she has gotten so thin. What can I do to help my girl? I dont want to lose her or see her this way as she is a good layer and a good hen. Please help!
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    Not all worm infestations are seen in the poop....
    I would separate her to make sure you see what she really is pooping, and to make sure she eats and drinks...It will allow you to see if she is still laying too....

    Could you take a picture of the sore and lump?????

    If you have not wormed her, it may not be a bad idea..... Have you checked to see if she is egg bound, has LEG mites, or any other sores in the feather folicles....any wheezing, balance issues, drainage??

    I would give her, Vitamins and electrolytes in her water...feed her scrambled eggs with some buttermilk or plain (active culture) yogurt in can also crush a human Vitamin B complex tab up an sprinkle a little into the mash mix...also add in a little bit of grated carrot and apple.

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