Sick Barred Rock Hen

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    One of my chickens this morning is feeling ill. It is 8 months old and has been laying well for a few months. It wasn't really moving and eating much. I noticed it had a pasty but so I cleaned it up but the vent was still clear (also had PB when it was a baby chick but not very serious). It has started eating a few things here and there and has been free ranging for a few hours almost everyday. I just cleaned out the coop yesterday and put in new shavings and brand new food. I put some pictures of it now, and some of its poop if anyone is an expert [​IMG].

    I dont know what it is or what I should do, its a really friendly, good laying chicken, sad to see it ill.

    Temperatures yesterday were 47 low and 52 high. Today is mid 40s to mid 50s.

    It has always had a flopped over comb, so that hasn't changed theses last few days:

    Another picture:


    I think this one may have been from earlier this morning but I am not sure:
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