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Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by aikid0, Jul 25, 2013.

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    Jul 24, 2013
    My male guinea had been ill, he would stand in one spot when I let him out of the pen. He got to where he would not eat or drink much and just became very weak. He had no visible signs of sickness so I did not know how to treat. He died last night, can anyone provide some information on commom guinea illness and how to treat.
  2. I feel for your very sorry![​IMG]

    if you can provide any other symptoms someone might be able
    to give some thoughts....
    was his poop different?
    when roosting, did he stay in group or off by himself?
    before noticing he was sick, had he done/gone to new area that you noticed?
    (after letting out of pen during the day?)
    had there been anything poisonous he may have got to? mouse bait or something?

    things like that...
    I can't answer but have found the more details others have, the better chance someone may
    have towards an educated guess or answer for you and hopefully no one else will fall ill...
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    Guineas in general are pretty hearty as far as the common poultry diseases go... so it's not common for them to go off feed and water and just give up and die, without an outwardly obvious reason

    He may have eaten something toxic, he may have had a high worm load, maybe it was Black Head, he may have hit his head in the coop that did not leave a mark and the internal swelling is what slowly killed him, or he may have had a week heart, failing liver or kidneys etc. Without doing a necropsy on the carcass, it's almost impossible to even guess why he died (and even then you may not have been able to find out the cause).

    Sorry for your loss. If you lose another bird this way I highly suggest finding a vet or university to do a necropsy on him to find out if it's some kind of contagious disease or not.

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