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    Oct 2, 2010
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    I recently responded to an ad on craigslist for some not so popular birds that I have been looking for. I went to the persons place and was shocked at what I saw. This person has been raising chickens for about a year or two and has very little knowledge of raising chickens in general. The birds were sick, I mean coryza, infectious laryngotracheitis, and CRD not to mention some other ones that I am not 100% sure of. I was scrambling to get out of there and trying to think of a reason to not touch anything. The person asked if I wanted to hold a chick and handed me a bottle of hand sanitizer and said she was doing bio-security. I went home put all my clothes and shoes in the washer. and sanitized myself. I would not go around my own birds until the next day. It has been about 2 months since this visit I am describing which leads to my dilema, this person has been running an ad on CL and top-posts every 2 days trying to sell the birds. This person has about 50 birds in a city with an ordinance. Do I turn her in or mind my own business? Maybe post a warning on CL or what? Anyone with any sense about chickens would leave the place but some people have never had chickens before and I am concerned for them. I normally do not turn anyone in I am just that way. With a few exceptions.
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    Ew, this is a tough one. [​IMG] I think I would have pointed the issues out to the breeder while I was there. She may just need to be educated by an experienced chicken owner. I would probably go over and have a friendly chat with her before deciding to report her.
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    I think it comes down to a matter of ignorance or just plain doesn't care. If it is ignorance then this person needs to be educated. If it is the latter then the person needs to be reported. I would hate to get someone in trouble over something that they had insufficient knowledge of how to treat. On the other hand if they are just neglectful then that becomes an animal cruelty case. I guess that I would have to go over there and talk to this person to find out which it really is. I hope this helps.
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    I wouldn't want to go back for fear a second trip may bring something back to my birds. Call them instead. If they get uptight that your trying to help them. Make the next call to the departement of agriculture, or police, whoever you have to call where you are. They are selling sick birds which means they are spreading their sickness all over the place. They need stopped. I'm not trying to be cruel but those birds need help and so does anybody that bought any or may have transported sickness back to their flock.
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    Sep 7, 2011
    contact the ASPCA and tell them that are very concerned about the welfare of this persons animals,make sure have got their full address so the ASPCA can locate them.

    if they didnt take any animals away the ASPCA are able to offer ongoing support/visits and advice to make sure the animals welfare is ok and she is coping ,if its anything like the UKs RSPCA,the majority of cases are probably involving support and rescue as the criteria to remove them by law is they have to be visualy seen as significantly suffering and in distress-and have personaly seen immaciated and neglected travellers horses being classed as not suffering enough,and we reported a swan that had swallowed a fishing hook and line,and wasnt able to eat anything-RSPCA never even bothered coming out to pick him up and swans are protected royal birds .
    recently,it took several attempts to get a kitten in our garden that was in distress their help,turned out to have a broken pelvis, and both rear legs broken-she was PTS.

    when some people [not all!] are let on to having a possible neglect/abuse etc case on their hands by well meaning public,the owners can suddenly get possesive of the animals and move them to different areas to make it harder for animal rescue organisations to remove them,leaving the animals to progressively get worse.

    woud say to tread carefuly with this one,but its good are looking out for them at least!
    there is so much neglect and abuse that goes on without us all knowing.
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    If she is on cl she has a computer. Send her a nice email with a link to BYC.
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    Apr 15, 2011
    If it is ignorance then this person needs to be educated. If it is the latter then the person needs to be reported.

    X2, but note, do not say something like, "you need to make these changes OR I will turn you in". Just try to educate first. If changes are not seen, time to pick up the phone.​

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