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Apr 17, 2011
SO I have my two birds in isolation.....Per Cloverleaf them duramyacin for 14 do I water the birds if they are in dog carriers?? where do I get the little metal clamps that hold the plastic cups in the show cages??

@ CLF can you give me the name of that vet again??

thanks again..this is the second time she has saved our hens

this December one of our new girls had a stuffed crop and CLF gave sound advice of no food or water and warm olive oil and massage the crop, it took 2 days to cure her..but she's a healthy little thing now
Petco sells cups with little hooks in three packs. Some pet stores have them for the inside of kennels for cheap, but many are overpriced. I like the little white petco cups.

Some use yogurt cups with 2 's' hooks from the hardware store. That works fine, but is a bit hard to change each time.
we found little white plastic dishes at Wilco for 3 dollars a piece.. but your idea is simple and brilliant, green and yet oh so affordable!!
thank you!!!
ps love the quote!!

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