Sick Black Australorp - wasting away

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    We have a lovely hen that developed some issues quite awhile ago. She is just over two years old and developed normally and laid eggs normally for about 6 months. Then one evening she had an issue laying - and laid a shell-less egg, She has never laid a normal egg since and has always been very thin, but our chickens are as much pets as they are egg producers to we did not cull her so two years later she is still part of our flock of ten. Our hens can free range on about 1/4 acre fenced yard. We went away for 2 weeks recently and when we returned we found out she had wasted away to almost nothing, only feathers and bone. We have been back for one week and have her inside our house trying to fatten her up - she will eat and drink, but only tiny pecks. Some days are better than others but I don't see her gaining weight at this rate. One thing I have noticed is a persistent head shake. Every few seconds she shakes her head back & forth and then rests. I'm thinking she might have ate a mushroom or plant that affected her but can't understand why none of the other hens would not be effected. Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong with her & how I might help her? I live on an isolated island in Alaska (Kodiak) and our one vet has absolutely no experience with birds. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    When did you deworm here? It could be that she is suffering from high
    Worm load that prevent here getting nutrients from here feed!
    0. Isolate here and keep here warm
    1. Deworm here ASAP
    2.give here high quality food- crushed boiled egg, some cocked salmon, code liver,
    3. Take some concentrated poultry vitamins mixed it with some water and mixed with some feed to a porridge consistency and give here.
    4. Ad some electrolyte to here water.
    Good luck

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