Sick black silkie


Jul 31, 2016
My silkie chick jamal is 11 weeks old today. Yesterday he started making a honking noise and i thought he was trying to crow but upon further observation he seems to be gasping for air. He us still eating and drinking and his eyes are clear. Any information would be greatly appreciated
Hi, I am sorry you didn't get any replies but my friend had about three hens that the very same thing! We never found out what the illness was..... it sounded as if it was gargling water.... but they got better after they gave them garlic granules and apple cider vinegar (wow what a mouthful) and garlic respite! And I think they gave them antibiotic..... so if you wanna try one or more of these options....?
Hope she gets better and you might wanna separate her from the others ( if you have more hens...?) so that she won't give them it too! xxx
Hope this helps......keep us posted!
Ya'el ..............

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