Sick Blue Swedish Duck


8 Years
Sep 6, 2011
hi! i'm so sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong place, but i really am worried sick about my duck... i think is a she... is a blue swedish 3 weeks old duck, and for the past couple of weeks has ben having some "attacks" every time she hears a strong noise or if something move quickly near her she freaks out.... and then her neck goes to her back starts wobbling her wings and her feet too, and she freaks the hell out of my other duck, and then her neck goes all the way on her back and stiff, and i try to put it in a normal position without harming her and immediately she sits up and then i try to help her walk again but she seems like dizzy and then after a minute or two she's back to normal but a bit scared.... has anyone had this kind of problem with any duck at all?.... some say it may be neurological but i'm really not sure, tomorrow i'll take her to the vet but in the mean time i would like to know what you think about this...

thank you so so so so much

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