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    Nov 6, 2016
    We've just started our backyard flock. Raising 4 chicks, from 3 days old, [​IMG]
    who are now 6 weeks old. (2 BW & 2 ameracanas).

    About 2 weeks ago we lost one of our ameracanas. We don't know what happened. She started standing in 1 place, fluffed feathers & wasn't eating or drinking. Fed her water with electrolytes & probiotics through a medicine dropper - made a mash of feed & the water mix. It was a quick onset. Literally started showing signs that morning & died that night.

    NOW, Mellow, my gray blue Wyandotte is doing the same thing. She started showing signs of exactly the same thing. Eyes closed. "Napping" on the side. Standing alone. No energy. Barely eating & drinking. She's quarantined with water with electrolytes & probiotic & - mash for food. This started Saturday afternoon. She's made it through the night but I'm so concerned. She doesn't look good.

    Does anyone know what this is? Or why it's now happeneing again?? Am I doing something wrong??
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    I'm sorry no one has answered you, and hope your bird is still hanging in there.
    With the little info you gave and the age of the birds my first suspicion would be coccidiosis.

    Here is a link with more info-

    I would get some Corid and treat asap.
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    I've had very young pullets come down with the same symptoms as your chick. One day they seem fine. Next day they're stationary and mute, tail down low and flat, nodding off. No appetite,

    The latest one was just a month ago. Lucy is six months old. Since I have had this happen several times before, even though I have no idea what is causing it, I immediately start the patient on an antibiotic. I use amoxicillin for ten days. Lucy showed marked improvement on day four. She's back to normal now, plump, shiny and on the verge of laying her first egg.

    Two summers ago, I had a pair of young Cream Legbar pullets around this same age. One took sick, standing in place nodding off. Even though I started her an the antibiotic as soon as I noticed her behaving sick, she died the next day. One week later, to the day, her buddy came down with the same symptoms. I started her on amoxicillin immediately, and she pulled through.

    Since then, this Legbar has come down sick with the same symptoms two more times, been treated, and got better. She's been my star layer, in fact. But I still have no clue as to what has made these young pullets sick. All I know is antibiotic treatment cures them and brings them back.

    Sometimes, we can't know what is making a chicken sick unless they die or we euthanize them and have a necropsy done. I recommend you try an antibiotic. It could help. It may even mean preventing death.

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