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    May 18, 2013
    I have a 5 year old Buff Orpington named Blondie that has lost a lot of weight and is weak. She has a whitish-yellow discharge from her vent and some yellow sores - these symptoms fit the description for vent gleet. I have read all about treatments for vent gleet - Epson salts (tried this several days ago), probiotics (I've got yogurt and buttermilk, and probiotic tablets), mycostatin cream, and molasses. I bought some Copper Sulfate but wasn't sure that what I bought was in the correct form -I got blue green crystals used for cleaning swimming pools. Since I wasn't sure, this was one treatment that I haven't tried. I have been treating her with Mycostatin cream - topically and with a little up into her vent. I have also sprinkled a crushed up probiotic tablet on wet cat food, buttermilk on bread/toast, wet laying mash, scrambled eggs, and yogurt. She won't eat anything. This morning I mixed up a solution of water with molasses and crushed probiotic tablet and I fed her about 5-6 cc with a syringe.
    It also appears that her upper beak is longer than usual, possibly impeding eating.
    I don't know what to do - this has been going on for about 4 days now. I thought if I could get the yellow stools to stop I would try and fatten her up with anything she might eat but she's really not eating. She's been one of my very favorite chickens - I have 7 other big hens and I also have 12 silkie-mix chickens. No one else is sick. Blondie is the oldest and all the other big hens (Barred rock, Mix barred rock/buff orpington, sex-linked) were raised by her.
    Should I just continue offering food that I hope she'll eat, keep her bottom cleaned, apply monistat cream and let nature take it's course?
    I'd love some advice!
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    Aug 10, 2014
    the whitish yellow discharge sounds like maybe the egg she was carrying broke inside her if she keeps pooping it out I would take her to a vet but I am not sure if they can help this. does it look like she is pooping egg yolk or is it like normal poop but different coloring. if it isn't a broken egg then ask your vet about the yellow spots it could be some sort of illness.

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