Sick buff polish hen-8 mo old

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    Jan 6, 2011
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    She's my only polish hen, in a mixed flock of about 30 other hens, and about 4 roosters. I'm not sure what's going on in that hen house but I wish I had a camera. Yesterday she was hiding in a huge box the other hens lay in, normally she's not a "hider", very social and talkative. I put her by the light up on the roost away from the others as that's how she normally likes it, thought maybe she was cold(I live in northern IL). This morning I go out there, her side wings are down and droopy , shes moving to go to the food ok, and wanting to eat, noticed a few of her back tail feathers ratty like she's been picked on. There is another hen that has back tail feathers also pecked looking. I'm wondering if there is a bully in the house??? or if they are molting? I thought it was early for that beings its so cold.

    I brought polish girl inside to the basement, warmed her up, she's eating fine, poop is fairly normal. She's always been not overly plump, but seems kind of tired. I don't know if she's sick or just tired of being picked on or just plain too cold. She has always been a loner, keeps to herself, sometimes I see her sitting by another hen but never in a big group.

    I kind of feel bad for her because she is super sweet. Any ideas? I have other baby chicks in the basement in a cage and don't want them to get whatever it is polish girl has but she's bright eyed, just kind of slumped and enjoys the warm light I have on her, stretches her wings out and kind of looks sleepy.

    Any ideas let me know. Otherwise we'll hope she's a little better tomorrow.
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    If you haven't wormed them I would probably try a dose of Wazine.

    You should have answered the questions in the sticky at the beginning of this section. This could be nothing but not nutritious enough feed.

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