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Apr 1, 2018
3 months old, stands with eyes closed. Picked her up, doesnt move, very lethargic. Gave her warm bath, felt like there was an egg in her. After 2nd warm soak she perked up a bit & drank some water. She did pass what looked like “membrane” along with some white poo & then a second poo of dark brown almost blood looking. Possible egg bound this young? What else can we do for her? She is isolated & just stands around with her eyes shut. Barely moves.. thanks any help is appreciated!
Photos would help. Many of us are experienced chicken keepers and we've developed a "sense" when glancing at our chickens. We are able to spot a chicken that is sick and by the various "body language", we can tell if the chicken is in pain, suffering from a crop problem, has liver disease, has gotten into something toxic, or has a respiratory or sinus infection. Yep. All by looking at the chicken.

You can also help us by telling us what your chicken's daily habits involve, where she spends her days, how many other chickens you have and their approximate age and if any of them are recent additions. Also, what has your weather been like lately?

Absent this information, I will guess this hen is suffering from coccidiosis or a bacterial infection. It will do no harm to begin treating her and the entire flock for coccidiosis. Ask for Corid at the feed store if you live in the US. The liquid form is mixed at a ratio of two teaspoons to a gallon of fresh plain water, mixed fresh daily. You will provide it as the only water source for five days. Repeat the treatment in one week. Do not give vitamins during treatment.

The sick chicken will need to be given her doses at regular intervals with a syringe if she won't drink on her own.

If this doesn't cause improvement in your little girl within 36 hours, I recommend starting her on an antibiotic.
Thank you. She was in with 12 other 3 month olds. All others show no symptoms. It’s been in the 60’s past 2 days, and drops in the 30’s at night. They have been inside their coop until our weather gets better. Some days it’s only 40 degrees. The coop has a heat light. I did upload a pic but for the first time she is actually laying instead of standing. I didn’t want to bother her. So I only took the pic with her eyes.. they are shut. Occasionally she will open them if she gets frustrated that we are trying to put water in her mouth with a dropper. She isn’t eating or drinking on her own.


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Now she is standing up and sleeping with her head tucked in her feathers


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Do you still have the "thing" she passed? If you do a picture please...I know sounds gross but .... 3mo old is pretty young to be laying, I think .... What breed? What are you feeding? Are the 12/3mo your flock or are they being added to your flock?
Have you examined her crop? That's always the first thing to check with a sick chicken. You want to note what it feels like first thing in the morning. If it's full, gieb that she isn't eating, that would indicate a sick crop.

Extreme lethargy is a symptom of coccidiosis. Have you begin treatment yet? There is no time to waste as it can kill very quickly, especially given the appearance of this pullet.
We have had them since they were few days old from cackle hatchery. We have older birds but are separate. We have 3 seperate coops & runs for all chickens. 1 for older birds, 1 for chicks the 12 3 mo & the other is for ones we have that are 2 months old. The sick chick is an Americana. We feed the 3 months 15 % chick crumbles.
We did go to the feed store & get Corid. This is her latest poop.. don’t have the first one.


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