Sick chick 1 week old possibly respiratory or eye infection

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by abita17, Mar 5, 2017.

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    Oct 4, 2016
    First time w/ baby chicks and we have one little blue laced wyndotte that appears to have an infection. The first day we brought them home I noticed this little guy seemed to have a tiny piece of wood shaving in his eye- my husband told me to leave it alone because I might injure him and since it appeared just on the surface- I did so (hesitantly) The next morning- it was gone and he seemed fine. The next day his one eye was covered in mucous and he sounds congested- no snot coming out his beak-and the other eye remains crystal clear. He is eating/drinking fine and doesn't have diahrea. He has remained stable in this condition since Friday. I have had to treat one of my chickens but have no experience with chicks. I have both the optical Terramycin and the injectable-I'm unsure if this can be given by mouth or at a safe dosage. (I also have Tylan but My guess is that may be too strong for a chick- but that's simply a guess.

    What medication would you suggest/dosage?
    Could it be an eye infection?
    Should I treat all six with medication via their water?

    I do have a local vet but they are out of town until Wednesday. She treated my previous chicken who had a respiratory illness and then caught botulism. (She's fine now-but I'm rather wary of the wait and see approach my husband takes.) :) thank you!
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    Personally I would investigate further to see if the wood shaving worked it way into the sinus cavity. Remove any pus that you see, flush the eye with saline and see if there is any debris in there. Terramycin eye ointment can be put in the eye to help with any infection.

    Keep us posted.

    Here's a couple of threads where it was suspected to be respiratory illness, but there was actually something that had worked it's way into the eye/nasal cavity:

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