sick chick...any advice?

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    Signed up to get advice...have 35 production reds..5 mixed breeds. One of mu reds went broody...she's 5 months old..wont eat or drink...put feed and water in her nest...she imbibed..but days later..when I took her out of nest to communiry feed and water....she "threw up" all contents. Didn't actually see her...but undigested scratch and feed on ground near her...a lot! Not sure what to do so separated her in own pen with food and water...she doesnt eat or drink...gave her rock egg to sit on...she lets me scratch under he chin...doesnt peck but makes protective noise. When out in open with others she flys up to me and roosts on my shoulder. Other chickens peck her from them.
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    Hi & [​IMG]. Guessing she isn't broody as much as she is using the nesting box as a safe place to be. Your other birds may be making her too nervous to eat and drink if they are pecking on her. Can you give her a friend to buddy up with for now and pull out the top bird in the flock when you put her back in. After a week with out the troublemakers she may be accepted and with a friend and maybe then when the top bird is reintroduced it won't be pecking on her. Good Luck.

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