Sick Chick: Are These Mites?!?! Help ASAP They're Everywhere!!! Pics!!


9 Years
Jun 19, 2010
San Diego, CA
HELP PLEASE!!! As some of you may have read my sick chick thread this has been going on for about a month now, until today I HAD NO CLUE what was wrong with him. We brought him inside the house and on Friday moved him back outside into quarantine.... I wake up today to find THIS all over my fishtank and worm farm which was right next to where we had him... Here's the thing... I held him and inspected him CLOSE for mites and didn't see a thing... to this day I have never seen one of these on him.... but then these things are here in my house after I take him out.... ARE THESE WHAT HAS BEEN MAKING HIM SICK ALL ALONG?!?!?!?!?! HELP PLEASE!!!!

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I would have to figure, you will have to get some poultry dust asap. I would move that tank outside before the buggers move in to your home
YES we are moving and cleaning everything right now as we speak. I dusted him yesterday for mites and still didn't see any but now I'm glad I did! I will need to get some Ivermectin as well.
OMG. How do you find these things and how do you know if your chickens have them? Yikes! I hope you get it under control!
Is it necessary to treat if you don't have them (as a preventative) ???

I never actually saw any ON him, just in his area a couple days after I moved him out. I would think in most cases you would SEE them ON the chicken, in my case I just didn't. I am going to treat with Ivermectin a couple times a year, it kills mites and de-worms also, and I'm going to do it whether or not I see them!
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