Sick Chick....could this be Newcastles disease?

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    Hi, the other day my DH and I were delivering a coop to a lady. I went to look at her chicks that were in an old old small coop. There were about 15 chicks all trying to sit on top of the water feeder and food feeders. The floor of the coop was wire and they didn't like it. Anyway, one of the chicks appeared sick. She kept twisting her head and neck around and seem to go in circles. She also has some swelling in her face....between her eye and her earlobe. After I got home, I looked up chicken diseases on the internet. The one that came closest was Newcastle's disease.....! This scares me because it is so deadly to chickens and so contagious. I immediately washed all my clothes and shoes. The internet said that this disease was eradicated in the USA in the 70's. Does this mean that there are no cases any more? What could be wrong with this chick? any suggestions?

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    I am so sorry! I havent a clue!! I can bump and see if someone can help.... how are they now??????????

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