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    I found a cold apparently dead chick int he silkie broody pent his mornign- I was holding its little body as I went ahead and fed the ones in there- and I noticed it blinked.As it warmed in my hand, it took in a ragged breath. I took it in and plugged in my LG that I use as hatcher/ Once it was fairly warm- I put the little chick in there and went back to chores. wehn I was done- about an hour later- I gave it a littel sugar water which perked it up. IN about another hour I checked on it and it still couldn't stand but I did'nt obsess- I had other stuff to go do.When I finally got to check on him a few hours later- he still can't stand-a nd the probelm appears to be that his neck twists very far to the left. Is that possibly crook neck? Mareks? the rst of hte chicks seem fine- though another was hatching and the moms ( 2 brooding together- silly silkies) were neither sitting on it and it was cool.I stuck it under one. I took the other eggs they were ignorign and put them in the LG after I candled to see if they were still possibly good.SO what do you guys think? I haven't had any sick chickens- I am thinking crook neck and heading to get poly-vi sol in the morning. Thanks for reading my novella- and any help
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    That's how I found my Ruth when she was a young chick. Hubby thought she was dead but I could see she was breathing. Neck severly twisted. Give her the Poly-Vi-Sol and a Vitamin E capsule (cut the top off and squeeze out the goop and let her eat it). You may have to help her eat till she gets enough strength to eat on her own and you may have to help hold her neck straight so she can eat and drink. That's what I had to do for Ruth. I fed her raw egg yolk by syringe till she could eat.
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    I hatched out 2 top hat chicks about two weeks ago. One was doing fine, but the other had a really hard time getting motivated. I thought it was going to be crippled in one leg and it had no control over its neck. I worked with the little one for hours...found out later my son worked with it after I turned in. A couple of days later it is fine and doing just as well as the other. I feel blessed.. I hope the chick comes out of it. I have never heard of sugar water before?!? Hope all goes well!![​IMG]
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    It might be a combo of the cold and perhaps needing some more vitamins. Give the poly vi sol & drops of vit E capsules, put a hole in it and drop a few drops in mouth. Keep it warm, i had a twisted neck chick and she is now almost normal. [​IMG]
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