Sick chick, is now chirping he/she ok.


Apr 28, 2021
Hey y'all,
So I had 8 chicks but one passed away yesterday (on my birthday :( ) I have another chick not feeling the geatest as well today, I drove to my local tractor supply and I grabbed vitamins, and probiotics, and I put both into the water as instructed, at first my chick wasn't really moving at all, now he/she is somewhat more alert, is chirping lightly but I can tell the poor dear is still not feeling the greatest, what else am I able to do for my baby chick??? I was wanting to put some egg yolk into the syringe I have been using to get some kind of too in his/her little system. I just am afraid to hurt the baby's belly if I do. Any positive thoughts advice is greatly appreciated xoxoxo...


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Is one of the items you picked up Poultry Nutri-Drench, or something similar? I'd direct dose the chick with a few drops of that maybe 1-2x a day, to perk it up, and hopefully get it to eat and drink on its own.

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