Sick Chick, large blister and bloody nose (link to pics)

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  1. cmcourt

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    Feb 10, 2011
    One of my 2 day old white crested black polish chicks has a few issues: pasty butt, protruding vent, bloody nostril (just one and just a little), and now he has developed a big blister like thing just above his right wing. At first I though it had been picked raw but upon closer inspection I found that it is indeed a rather large fluid filled blister. To date I have been gently cleaning his bottom with a paper towel drenched in warm water, applied Preparation H to his protruding vent (read that on BYC), and just had him on regular chick starter (Dumor) and water with Quick Chick (from McMurray). He is just a bit sluggish compared to the others but not too badly.

    Here is a link to pics:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. We were so thrilled to have all 28 of our chicks arrive seemingly healthy and well. We now have two that are doing poorly. The rest are thriving though.
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    Sorry no one answered. I imagine no one really had any other suggestions; you seem to be handling the problems well. So many of us have lost one or a few from a shipment; apparently it's not unusual for a few to have internal issues like failure to thrive or some internal deformity.

    How are they doing now?

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