Sick chick lonely?

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    Aug 1, 2013
    Hi just wondering if anyone can help. I have a sick chicken who I separated from the rest of the flock. Unfortunately the rest got killed by a fox in the night ( in live in the UK) my sick one seems to pick up a bit when I'm with her,but I cant be with her all the time. she is so weak not sure how long she will last. Now she does seem as sad, I've put her back in the coop but is looking around for everyone else. Not sure what to do should I get another chicken to keep her company or will she make this one sick? She is only 12 weeks old. Any suggestions?
  2. chickenchick123

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    Aug 1, 2013
    Anyone with an idea? She is still alive this morning but still just hanging on. It's so sad to see her like this especially for the kids we incubated them and have watched them grow. I'm not sure if she will pull through or to have her put to sleep. If we got another chick the same might happen to her. Anyone had similar experiences?
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    Why do you say your chick is sick? If it is sick, it's not wise to get another to keep it company. Call the feed store they may be able to help diagnose what you need for your chick.
    If you do get another to keep it company, you need to get one the same age/size and introduce them slowly.
    Or you can try this trick, read about it on BYC thread about a sole hatch which seems to work....Use a mirror (it's reflection will simulate another), stuffed animal (comfort) to cuddle up to or even a feather duster. Worked for my single hatch until I found another chick close in age.
    Good luck & hope it's just loneliness and not sick.
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    Aug 29, 2012
    If you buy another as company you could kill that new one by giving it what this sick one has.

    Not to mention at 12 weeks the healthy new one would probably peck the sick one because it doesn't know it and that might be the final straw that kills it.

    I would post in the illness and disease forum with more information on its symptoms and see if you can cure it before even thinking about getting more.
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