Sick Chick . Need Advice Please


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May 16, 2012
I have a 5 week old chick that I noticed was breathing heavy this morning. Otherwise acting normally. Later this afternoon I was with the birds and I noticed that the chick was having some bloody/watery poops. I separated him/her into a different brooder so I could see what was going on. The chick is having basically red/watery poops with what I noticed were a few pieces of what look like undigested meal worm in it. No 'poop' material, just pink water with the occasional worm piece.

I offer grit (sprinkled in their feed), they get a pinch or so of dried mealworms once a day. They are on medicated chick starter. The chick is not lethargic yet but I am not sure what else I should be doing for it. She is separated right now with food/water but she seems more stressed away from her buddies.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much.
Thank you so much for your replies. Right after posting this thread I ran to the feed store and spoke with them. She gave me some medication and instructed me on what to do to help my little one. Unfortunately a few hours later the poor chick prolapsed and we decided it was best to end her suffering. I have sterilized/replaced everything and am medicating the others. I am really hoping that we do not lose any more.

This is my first loss and we are so upset. I can not believe how fast this all happened. I feel so awful about it.
im so sorry, you did the right thing. good luck with the others!

look on the bright side, you still have lovely healthy chicks
Thank you!
You are absolutely right. In the grand scheme of things I would rather lose one than lose them all.

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