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    Yes, I did a search and found what I was already doing, but washing it is not helping and I don't think he is eating. Now another one is feeling down. I only have 2 rumpless auracanas and both are now sick. I have one with a tail who is doing fine.
    I have increased the tempature and given them shuga water, but the little blue one has been sick for 3 days and now the white one started feeling down today.
    What is "Pasty Butt" caused from and how to I really treat it. I need more then just wash it off.



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    in that second pic it looks like her tummy has split open??

    I had one little chick that had pasy butt really bad, I would clean her bum off 3 times a day, and I cut al the feathers off her butt so there was nothing for the poo to stick to, also I put baby oil on her vent and butt area so if she was sitting and poop it wouldnt stick, I had to continue to put the oil on her daily but it did the trick.
    Also I think the sugar water makes the poo runny so I dont know if I would be doing that...maybe someone that knows more then me can add to that?
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    No, that is poop. I guess it runs down the chest instead of going streight out.
    I just started the sugar water to try and stimulate eating and give a boost of energy. The crop is totally empty, but the poop runith over. I don't get it. If the bird is not eating, why is it pooping so much? Or is it not really poop?
    The real sick blue one pictured also has the paste on its beak due to trying to clean its self. I clean it off with warm water esveral times a day.
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    Jun 9, 2008
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    I just mixed up a batch of hard boiled eggs (Shells and all) and their chick starter. I separated out the biggest and healthiest chick of the group but they can still see each other. I gave some of the mix to the big one and he started eating it up like crazy. So I gave some to the sick ones and the white one started eating first. It took a while for the blue one to start eating, but he did dig in after a few moments. So I hope now they will be on the mend. The new food is softer and smaller (As I mixed it in a food processer) and so maybe that was more inviting.
    Now if I can only cure the pasty butt I will be happy.
  5. STOP THE SUGAR WATER!! Sugar causes the gut to absorb more water from the GI system and increases diarrhea. We give sugar type medicine to people for constipation.

    I would switch to diluted pedialyte. Also, add some drops of poly-vi-sol (without iron) baby vitamins.

    Run warm water over the chicks butt until all the poo is gone, then dry and smear vaseline or antibiotic ointment on it's butt. You may have to do it several times a day to keep the vent clean and clear of poo.

    Make sure you are feeding medicated chick starter to cover for cocci.
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    Jun 9, 2008
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    I just gave him sugar water today because he was not eating. But now that he is eating, I won't give any more.
    I have been useing an antibiotic ointment on him as well.
    I have to go to the store today so I will get some pedia-lyte.
    The chick started I mixed with the hard boiled egg is medicated.

    So, what causes this?
  7. I don't know why some get it some don't. I've had the same thing happen. Usually it will be 2 or 3 of them out of 12. Glad they're doing well.
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    Jun 9, 2008
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    ^^ Yeah, I have 2 out of 3 with it!! [​IMG]
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    sometimes chilling can cause it..
    make sure they're being kept at proper temp..and no drafts.
    if you're using a heat lamp..make sure there isn't any spilled wet feed..
    make sure the water is clean with no droppings or feed in it...and the chicks aren't getting wet and chilled.

    what bedding are you using?
  10. L&Schickens

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    Jun 9, 2008
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    I use shop towels for bedding. They are dry and changed every day or as needed .

    Now the blue one is feeling much better but I am thinking the whit one will not make it. No pasty butt for him, but not feeling good at all. He quit eating last night and acts like he is near death. I force fed electrolytes and antibiotics and maybe that will help, but he is not looking good.[​IMG]

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