Sick Chick transmitting to Children

Shawn Wilder

11 Years
Oct 4, 2008
I have a 3 month old Buff Orpington that has had a cough/sneeze x 3 days. She is eating and playing in the yard with the rest of the guys, and seems to be fine other than her right eye being glued shut on the first day. I am bring her inside at night due to the cooler weather, placing her in a crate with straw and feed/water.
I am trying to steer away from antibiotics due to my family eating organically. I have decided to cull the chicken if she gets worse. My question is, can she transmit anything to my kids/me? We have been washing our hands anyway, just wondering.


Where Chickens Ride Horses
14 Years
Jul 9, 2007
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I do not think you can catch cold from chickens. Keep up with the hand washing! Is her eye better now? Maybe do not let the children handle her until she is better, as it would also be better for the chicken to have as little contact with other germs too.
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