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    I just bought six, three day old chicks from tractor supply I have had them for four days and all was going well until one of my chicks was not as alert as usual. I thought it was weird because they usually all run when I open the top to their cage, but she didn't move. After a couple of minutes i picked her up to see if she was okay and she had her eyes closed and layed in my hand, which is very strange for her. I searched why my chick wasn't being very responsive and not eating, they said to give her some sugar water to get her some calories, and it didn't really do anything for her. She will just stand there with her eyes closed and I even saw her breathing out of her mouth. I thought that this might be gape worm so i removed her and put her in another box with a heat lamp and some food in case she starts feeling better. I have no idea what to do this is my first time having chicks please help.
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    That is not gapeworm. Baby chicks frequently can suffer from stress after being shipped in the mail. Feed stores also get them that way. She may be weak or have a heart problem, but she might benefit from dipping her beak into the water as often as possible, and letting her swallow with each drink. Electrolytes such as Save AChick are best. Check her butt to make sure that she doesn't have poo on there causing a blockage. Gapeworm is very rare, and would only affect an older chicken exposed to it. So it is safe to keep the chick with the others, unless it is being trampled. Good luck.

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