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    May 6, 2016
    I have a 3 week old bantam, I think it is a game bird variate. I purchased her from a feed store at a day old. She has grown fine and had no other issues until yesterday. I went gather up the chicks for their daily exercise time in the yard and she was very lethargic. This chick always runs and flaps and protest loudly when you go to pick her up. However, not yesterday, she just sat there not moving. I gathered her up wrapped her in a towel and looked her over no physical signs I can see. No fowl breath, no wheezing or sneezing. I fed her sugar water with an electro light booster. She would take a drink then close her eyes like it took all her energy. I have emptied her craw fed a small amount acv and given her a vitamin booster. I also noticed her feet are curled like a claw and won't stay out stretched. She was doing a gap mouth thing yesterday so I thought it might be gape worm. I administered 2 drops ivermectin to the back of the neck.I found her stool was black tarry and runny. Question what could this be? I have looked over symptoms and can't pin point the cause, she does seem some better today but still very lethargic and still curled up toes. (Side note I just got done with a 5 day treatment for cocci using corridor) This does not seem to be cocci based off what I have read. Any help I appreciate.
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