1. djrazberryjamz

    djrazberryjamz New Egg

    May 26, 2016
    My lovely 3 week year old chick named Bennedict is very ill. Hardly moving, barely eating, not drinking. Yesterday she was not moving or eating anything. I gave her some yogurt water through a eye dropper, which she took some of, but not as much as i would be comfortable with. After having the yogurt water, she stood up and started having a couple nibbles of food. Still doing better, eating rarely. Stays under the heat lamp even though it's plenty warm in there. She had some bright yellow and green poops that appeared watery, and tried after that to go to the bathroom, but failed, as nothing came out. I gave her a short bath with epsom salts yesterday, and made sure she dried fully and was warm the whole time, in hopes it wouldn't be too stressful. She is in her own space so she's not contagious to the other chicks just in case, and so she's not competing for food and water. Please help, anything would be amazing!

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