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Mar 15, 2018
One of my chicks started making a strange noise a couple days ago. I isolated it into a separate box yesterday and have been feeding it water with a dropper, as I haven't seen it drink or eat. I added Tylan to all the chicks water. Can this chick be saved? What options do I have? See link for video of noise. This morning it was more quite than yesterday. Thanks so much.

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This chick is in extreme crisis. It probably has genetic issues that prevent it from eating and thus absorbing nutrients. As a result, it's cold and hungry. It needs extra heat.

Poultry Nutri-drench would be the one thing that could save it. It is formulated to get right into the bloodstream, by-passing the liver. Give it one undiluted drop each day. I place a couple drops in the palm of my hand and dip the chick's beak in it until only a smear is left on my hand.

After that, offer it very finely minced boiled egg. Next day, you can switch to dampened chick mash.
It's likely this chick has multiple issues with undeveloped organs. So, yes, respiratory issues would be one.

You need to first build it up so it is eating and processing nutrients. If you try to treat it with an antibiotic before you get its system kick started, it would do no good. But if the respiratory symptoms persist, then you may need an antibiotic. Tylan is a good one for this purpose.
Thank you very much for the advice. I got the Nutri Drench, and gave it a straight drop and have been feeding it with a dropper with water and mashed food. It has pooped a few times today, and I actually heard a few normal chirps...
dear lord I am hoping the best for this chick.
Well its Tuesday, the chick is still alive. I have been feeding it water with a dropper still. It is sort of active and then pretty chill for the rest of the day. It is by it's self. At what point is it safe to put it back with the others? I started Tylan in the water for all chicks on Saturday mid morning. I have given it a straight drop of Nurti Drench for 4 days now. How much Nutri Drench can it have?
thanks :)

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