Sick chick :(


In the Brooder
Apr 28, 2015
Huntington Beach, CA
One of our EE chicks is not doing so hot. She is really lethargic, just kind of sits there and sleeps with her head down. She's only 6 days old. She was fine yesterday but today I can tell something isn't right. I did squirt a little sugar water in her mouth because I haven't seen her eat or drink. Any ideas on anything I can do?
And she's gone. Died in my hand. Weirdest experience ever. She let out 3 last peeps and stretched her wing and was gone ;( We had a little burial for her and buried her with some flowers. Sad experience for my daughter and I but it's one we were bound to have sooner or later.
So sorry for your loss. Was she eating and drinking, and pooping prior to when you noticed she didn't look right? That's horrible. Sorry you had to go thru that.

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