Sick Chicken, allowing her self to be toyed with by horses?


11 Years
Nov 16, 2008
This is a compisistion of several views, but tells the best stoy:

I looked out the window into my horse pen, to see one of our reds laying on the ground, while being nuzzeled by the horses (NOT USUAL BEHAVIOR!!). I ran out to check on her, thinking she was dead, but she was alive. I picked her up noticing a poo encrusted but, which we cleaned as best as possible while wearing shorts in 30 degree weather, we put her in her coop alone w/ food and watere, she was sick before, but may be she hurt her leg? She could stand though, but she didnt walk well. Pls. help more to come


10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Humboldt County
Whenever I have a questionable health situation with a chicken (any bird or reptile for that matter) I bring the critter into the house (we're lucky enough to have a spare bathroom for rehabbing) and put a heating pad on low under 1/2 the box/carrier. Especially in 30 degree weather. As for the poopy butt, I just had to deal with this too. I filled a 5 gal bucket with warm water, put on rubber gloves, and used a small rag to clean her off. I actually put the hen's butt into the warm water (full bucket) while swooshing and wiping. Had to change the water once. Then onto a clean (old) towel to dry as well as possible, and onto the towel-covered heat. The washing I had to do in the nice tub, but bleach soln. takes care of any scary mess. I had my favorite silkie, "Liza", trampled by one of my horses. I saw feathers and found her about 20 yards away all broken and dead. Boy did I cry. I haven't lost a chicken that way since, and there's really nothing one can do to prevent this short of chicken wiring the whole pasture (yea right). Your hen probably just needs some rest and shock recovery time, assuming she doesn't have internal injuries or some disease. Rescue Remedy (one drop) can't hurt. Good luck.

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