SICK Chicken any advice is greatly appreciated

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    Nov 28, 2012
    SiCK Chicken. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
    Every thing has seemed great lately, no deaths or loses lately. I have roughly 40 chickens that are free range on warm days and cooped at night. I opened the coop door to let the chickens out for the day when I noticed one of my hens limp on the floor with her head spinning to the left. Almost completely upside down bent backwards towards her wing. Her head can be manipulated back to normal position without it seeming like its hurting or discomforting to her, but the second you let go it flings back and she flips out a little until she's comfortable. I don't know if its coincidence but when I lifted her up to. Bring her in the house she plopped out a slightly larger but more oblong than usual egg. She doesn't seem to have any broken bones and was recently wormed with wazine in the water but don't know how effective it was although I haven't seen any worms in feces. I have no idea what this could be and no one around here seems to know either. The weird part to it now.. I have lost multiple animals to the same head spinning symptoms along with being lethargic. It has been rabbits baby ducks and chickens. It seemed like they died withina day or two of showing the head turning. I'm hoping the sick chicken doesn't have it cause its been well over a year since I've lost anything to that symptom. It plagues me. Anyone know what this could be??
    PS I did manage to keep on chicken alive for like a week with the symptoms. She spazed out right before her death like she had a heart attack .

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