Sick Chicken Can't Walk, Blue/Green Poop

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    Jan 22, 2016
    Hi everyone. I have a 6 month old Crested Cream Legbar who came out of the coop last week "limping." Every time she would take a step, her right leg seemed to give out and couldn't bear the weight. I checked her over for signs of bumblefoot or any other podiatry issues and found nothing. I thought she might have landed from the roost badly and it would heal on its own. However, it has gotten progressively worse. Before, she could get along slowly. She can no longer walk. She scoots herself along the floor of the coop throughout the day. Everyone roosts at night, and she cannot get there, so I pick her up and put her in the nesting boxes each night. Every morning, I put her by the food and water. When I check on them a few hours later, she is sometimes in a new spot. Tonight, when I picked her up, I noticed she is extremely skinny. I flipped her over to see if I could see anything wrong with her feet and did not. However, she did have bright blue/green- almost a teal- colored substance on her. I am not sure if it was poop, but I don't know what else it could be. Is this a disease?? What should I do? Any and all advice is much appreciated! Thank you
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    I typed in 'blue green' poop into the BYC search box o see if I could research this. One of them referenced the birds having eaten red cabbage the day before as the reason - but those chickens weren't sick - just the funky colored poop. But the link below discussed the weird colored poop in a sick chicken. That seems the only commonality between your bird and the one on that thread, but there may be some useful information for you. Hope so!!

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