sick chicken ! cant walk

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    Mar 7, 2014
    So i found out my chicken looks hurt because it can't seem to walk straight and has wobbly legs. Its eating and drinking normally. .. is also aware of its surroundings ie it tries to run when i catch it. It's poop is also normal. .. heres a pic.
    Please help !
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    Was it vaccinated for Marek's?

  3. kianac

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    Jan 21, 2015
    The same thing happened to my Leghorn hen just a few weeks ago. As soon as I noticed the injury, I set up a small dog crate in the garage and stuck her in there. Trust me, its necessary to do this because if you don't, the other hens will peck her until (heaven forbid) death. You CAN put a chicken buddy in there for her though. I put her in there with a hen who had just had bumble foot surgery and they got along swimmingly. :) Next, look for any thorns, bones sticking out, or just anything that looks REALLY out of place. For my hen, I found nothing. If you don't either... please read on!!! Next, I soaked her in warm Epsom salt water. Chickens actually seem to enjoy this procedure, so whenever I spot an injury this is always a to-do. I soak her in the water for 10-15 minutes. After I soak her, I dry her then place her in the warm, dry dog crate. Then, I crush up one 81mg baby aspirin for every three pounds of her body weight. My hen needed two, so I crushed them up and sprinkled the pieces on a favorite treat. Pears and apples seem to work best. Within a few days she seemed to be walking fine so I put her out with the other hens. its been 2 days since she's been out there, and nothing seems wrong with her.

    Best wishes, and I hope your hen gets better!

    P.S. this may not always be the case, I guess every hen is different. I found that looking up "Why is my chicken limping" gave me more than enough information.

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