Sick chicken! Don’t know what’s wrong...Very weak,falls to side,curled toes,eyes closed,mouth open.


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Aug 22, 2019
Hello,again. A few weeks ago one our chickens got sick out of absolutely nowhere. One day she was completely fine and the next she was weak,falling to one side,toes curled, eyes closed and only open when we hold her, mouth open and can hear her gasp for air. We don’t know what’s happening. We have kept her in and have noticed no change. We hand feed her and give her water with a syringe. She takes everything and is fighting for her life. We have her wrapped in a blanket so she doesn’t fall to her side and keep here inside at all times. Sometimes we put her out in the grass with the blanket for stability while it’s sunny because it’s just horrible for it to stay all the times. She seemed really happy and alert but soon gets tired. We don’t know what’s wrong. Does anyone know what this is? She’s physically healthy no broken anything. But just extremely weak. In the pic she looks dead but she is breathing.


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Hi. I would treat for cocci, then worms. Cocci can weaken a chicken to where they mimic other ailments. Or it could be something you cannot fix. I would also consider Marek's especially if another chicken becomes symptomatic. Chickens are harder to diagnose because they show symptoms very late and sometimes past treatability. Not eating enough can really make them weak as well

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