Sick chicken...need advice


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Mar 23, 2012
North Carolina
I have a 1 year old red star hen who the past 2 days has been laying down a lot more then normal, tail is being carried down and seems to be walking with a stiff gait (Like uncomfortable). She is still eating and still going out to forage with the other girls (who are all acting fine!) but she is laying down frequently even outside. I am pretty sure she isnt egg bound as I believe I had an egg from her today. Any hints or clues as to what this may be?

Edit: I felt her abdomen and it doesnt appear to be hard nor fluidy. I even palpated one of our other hens for comparison. Could this just be the begining of something and I cant feel it yet? Also She has no discharge anywhere, no sneezing, no wheezing, but she is now panting off and on where the other girls are not.
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