Sick chicken, poop butt, shrinking comb, lethargic

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    Hi, our favorite bird is sick and I am afraid she is going to die. I have a 4 year old leghorn who has a poop covered bum and is very lethargic. This is the 2nd time this has happened with her and at the same time last year. Her vent isn't covered, just below it is, so it doesn't look like she has a blockage. I also have a 2nd chicken acting the same, but seems to be slowly improving. At first I thought they just were dirty bums. I am at a total loss. When researching it seems like this could be many different issues. I have also had several birds lay soft shelled eggs for a while now. A friend, who is an experienced bird owner said to watch the ACV amount in their water because it can deplete calcium, so maybe the soft shelled eggs were from that. I dewormed my flock thinking it could be that. I used Wazine 17 and then I plan to follow up with Safegaurd. That was done yesterday. If it is worms, do birds usually bounce back quickly? I have been giving them hard boiled eggs, egg shells, calcium, electrolytes in the water and oatmeal. I tried giving them broccoli and spinach to boost iron levels but only a few birds would eat it. I would love to know what is happening to her and how to treat it. :(
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    What kind of feed are they on? ACV is overrated. What kind and why are you giving it? Go ahead with safeguard, Wazine only treats round worms. Vitamins in their water wouldn't hurt. What type of calcium are they getting?

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