Sick Chicken related to heat??

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    Mar 25, 2011
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    Here's the scoop:

    My 2 year old little black hen, Bubs (not sure what breed), one of a flock of 4 is sick. Normally she is very energetic and VERY vocal, the most vocal of all my birds. We live in New York City (Staten Island) and it has been a pretty hot summer. All the chickens seemed to be drinking more lately and had some watery poops but were all still very active, including this one. Then about 1 and a half to 2 weeks ago she was lethargic, isolated from the flock and not eating much; I attributed it to the heat. Her droppings were watery. We gave them extra food and water and put a fan near the coop. She quickly improved back to her old self even though it was still hot. Overall she seemed unwell for about 3 days.

    Then this week it has been very hot but got cooler yesterday and today. Then maybe 4 days ago her same symptoms returned and her comb looks flatter and not a very healthy red color (almost grayish). I took this as a sign of dehydration. She was laying last week but not this week. Her eyes are bright but she feels like she's lost weight.... since the day before yesterday we've been encouraging fluid, feeding her scrambled egg, tomato and today we gave her watermelon to try to get her fluid and protein up. She eats and drinks but not much at any given time. Yesterday and today she is clearly spending more time in the coop and apart from the flock. She doesn't have any signs of respiratory illness...not coughing or sounds of secretions, no discharge from her eyes. Today she seems a little better than yesterday but I will be honest that I'm quite concerned. I have never had any significant illness in my flock and I am a novice chicken owner. The day before yesterday I cleaned the entire coop because I was concerned the the ammonia build up from not cleaning it well for some time could have contributed to this.

    My husband has just completed a new coop but I don't want to move them until she it better because I am not sure she could handle the stress. My instinct tells me it is related to the heat but I am unsure how to help her recover. It has been cooler the last two days. Any ideas on how to help her? Is there some medicine I could get at the local feed store? I am not sure I can afford a vet at this time.....I so value the input of everyone in the board....thanks. Bubs says thanks too.
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    Jun 1, 2011
    i have a chick that sounds like that, only she is eight weeks old. down here is hot too, over a hundred not including the humidity.

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