Sick Chicken...Seeking Advice!

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    May 31, 2017
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    I recently acquired 3 lovely 12-15 week old hens to add to my backyard flock, and while in quarantine 1 of them has become ill. When they first arrived I gave them some water with apple cider vinegar to help combat the stress of travel, but within a couple of days "sick chick's" condition became apparent. I'd had a rooster several weeks prior come down with a touch of coccidiosis, treated him and the rest of the flock with a preventative round of Corid, and he was quickly back to his full-fledged rooster-ness. Afraid I'd possibly/accidentally cross contaminated I started treating my 3 new birds expecting the sick one to bounce right back...but she hasn't.

    The problem I'm running into is so many chicken illnesses manifest in similar outside physical characteristics that I'm having a difficult time pinpointing her issue, and ultimately treating it. There hve been a couple of nights I've gone to bed just knowing that she will be gone by morning and I go down to find her in what appears to be an improved condition, and then there are times I am certain we've got a handle on treatment and she appears to improve only to find the next day she's in rough shape.

    Here are her symptoms:

    • Diarrhea
    • Pale-ish comb
    • Numb/Paralized leg
    • Messy/Unkempt feathers
    • Tummy sounds
    • Lethargy

    Those things considered her eyes are bright and she is alert, she attempts to preen and groom (but easily loses balance), she still vocalizes with her sisters and huddles with them at night, and her eating and drinking habits are fairly normal. Some days are more challenging than others for her to move around, but as long as I get the waterer and feeder near her she is happy to participate in mealtime.

    So here are the things I've tried over the past couple of weeks:

    • Apple cider vinegar
    • Corid
    • Baytril (recommended by a local vet)
    • Vitamins and electrolytes

    I've seen the most improvement following the Baytril injection (last Thursday) and vitamins and electrolytes (since Monday), but she is nowhere near recovered. Today she also began pecking at the foot she no longer uses, and I'm worried she may hurt herself. We don't have a veterinarian in my area that is specialized in or even willing to see poultry, and I am running out of ideas. If there is a way to save this chicken I want to, but I could use some guidance on what to try next. I'm sorry this post is so long, but if anyone knows what this is or has a recommendation on how to treat her I would love to know your thoughts!
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    What are you feeding her/them?
    I'm thinking possible Riboflavin deficiency & hopefully not Mareks.
    You could try the baby vitamin PolyVisol without iron 1 drop 3x day, Vitamin B Complex, Nutri Drench, foods high in Riboflavin (eggs, salmon, liver, beef, pork, spinach, nuts, sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, tuna, mushrooms, fortified cereals).
    Check under her feet for anything that maybe bothering her. It's possible she's pecking it feeling some tingling. Waiting to see what others have to say ...
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    May 31, 2017
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    There's nothing under her feet, so we are good there. The hens are currently eating a Purina crumble, but I also give them treats like meal worms or scrambled eggs with herbs for added protein (and to ward off boredom). Would fish be better? My other birds love tuna! Are the vitamins you mentioned readily available at most grocery stores? Even though the birds have been vaccinated for Mareks is it still a potential threat?

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