Sick chicken - she stopped eating and moving much

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    First of all I am in Alaska and it's been warmer in the last month than previously. I have 6 chickens all hatched last June and they have been thriving. I get 4-6 eggs a day even though it's dark and winter here. But for about 5 days now I've notice one of my chickens has her feathers fluffed up like she is very cold and she is just standing by the side not active. Then yesterday I found her in the coop while all the other chickens are out. She was on the perch but she is very slow to react.

    I brought her into the arctic porch where I have a large dog crate with straw and food. She just stands in there. I don't see her eating or drinking or moving much at all. It's warmer in the porch and I thought maybe she needs some warmth and now this morning she is laying with her eyes closed and I can barely tell that she is alive.

    I tried giving her water with an eye dropper but she convulsed and couldn't breed until I held her upside down and let the water flow back out.

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    Check her crop to feel if it is full and balloon-like which can be a sign of sour crop. Look her over for signs of mites which can cause anemia. I would bring her inside in a crate or bathtub to warm up and observe her eating and droppings. Check inside her vent an inch to feel for a stuck egg. If you have electrolytes, put some in her water, and try to get her to drink.

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