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    Hi everyone. I received an email from a person describing some weird symptoms. I've attempted to retrieve more information from her like the color of the discharge and if the tremors are small big etc. I also asked her if she disinfected the coop and run area to ensure the rest of the flock won't be affected by whatever this Maran seems to have. I'm not even sure of the age of this chicken except that she is not old. She hasn't emailed me back. Here's what she has said so far (and I'm paraphrasing)....

    ..."She does seem to have a discharge on her beak, so it looks to be respiratory. I have her secluded with a heat lamp food and water. She does seem to be eating and drinking but it is difficult due to the tremors of her head. I do not know if she is trying to shake off any discharge from her beak...I did call the vet, they had me call the local extension service but they are on vacation till the 19th. So I am doing everything I think I should be doing...She has a tremor of her head, and some balance issues, she does not appear to be sneezing. I have been trying also to research this, she may have had some moldy bread so that may be the cause. Would that be treatable or fatal? The good news is she is trying to eat and drink although difficult with the tremors she is having".

    Any help that anyone could give me to help her would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    you do not mention the age of this bird (age and what they are and have been eating are very important pieces of information) if a young bird it may be due to AE:
    There are several things which cause tremors and ataxia (imbalance)... could also be a middle ear infection (if she has a respiratory condition) and there are several deficiencies which can also add to or cause this.... vit E deficiency (you will need to give a combination supplement (vit E AND selenium) for this where the selenium does NOT exceed 50 MICROgrams> you can find this at agway or walmart>just prick open and give in beak once a day for three days...then once every two days three times and see if this helps the head tremors)
    In addition the bird should have a complete supplement (Aviacharge 2000 is the only one I know of which is a complete supplement) added to its feed (mix it in with a 1/4 of cooked oatmeal and then add enough feed so it is clumpy.
    The bird should not be getting any grains/scratch or weird treats at this needs its nutrition in the feed to keep its own immune system working.
    The above is simple support measures...separating the bird to a warm and temp stable environment will also do it a world of good,
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