Sick Chicken - too old for Coccidiosis, but...

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    Jun 30, 2012
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    I've got a bird that exhibits signs of Coccidiosis and have treated her with Corid and Sulmet at different times. She responded better after the Corid treatments, however once off of either she back slides. She's now 6-8 months old and by all accounts should be over this type thing I would think. Could it be he immune system is just too weak to fight it off on it's own or could there be something else going on that would cause her to revive after the Corid applications. Have seen small patches of blood in her droppings, but nothing substantial and no signs of worms. I have been adding food grade DT to their food for the past 2 months as well. Is she a lost cause and need to be culled or is there something more I could be doing for her?

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