Sick chicken, wont get up

Clementine Coco

Jul 18, 2021
Hello, Yesterday I found one of my hens laying in the coop and didnt seem to move, with like 85 degrees. I moved her inside the coop and gave her water while she layed down again. She was dehydrated and did drink a lot. (No idea how long she layd down outside) sinds than I moved her in a crate inside the house where its nice and cool. She refuses to stand up or walk, I dont feel an egg stuck, only thing she will eat is soft and watery food. She isnt paralized, seems like she falls asleep a lot, and closes her eyes.
Any idea what to do next?! She has been inside for 24hours now, eat and drinks good.
Need help! Thank you!


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Nov 23, 2010
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If you think the problem was heat, give her a cool bath. But they shouldn't be overcome by 85F. More likely it is a disease. Either viral, bacterial or fungal. Possibly protozoal, parasitic or environmental.

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