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    I have a sick chicken on my hands. She's close to 3 years old.

    When I went to put the chickens away in their coop last night (they are free range during the day) I saw her in the goat enclosure laying down with her eyes closed. I was convinced she was dead. I went over to deal with disposing of her body when she awoke and ran from me. I was able to catch her and check her over. No lumps, bumps, or injuries. Doesn't feel egg bound and her crop is soft.

    Here are her symptoms:

    1) not eating
    2) not drinking
    3) stands around with eyes closed
    4) when I attempt to pick her up she does react appropriately - wants nothing to do with me
    5) last night she slept in the laying box (usually she roosts with her friends)

    I thought this morning she'd be a goner, but she lived to see another day.

    When I got home today I saw her around the other chickens but she was just standing with her eyes closed. I threw out some scratch, which she usually lunges for, and she just sat there.

    Her poop, what little I did see, looked a little suspect - loose and clear with some white color.

    The other chickens have taken notice. One chased her. I guess they know when the weakness and illness are showing.

    I know this is totally vague. It has me stumped.

    Any ideas?
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    If a vet is possible, I would take her in tomorrow since she is so sick. Has she been wormed recently? Is she laying eggs? She may be suffering from internal laying or egg yolk peritonitis, but cancer or an intestinal problem could also be possible. Can you feel her crop to see if it is full or empty? Check her skin for lice a mites. Coccidiosis can be a problem in younger chickens, but possibly might be affecting her for one reason or another. Corid or amprollium is a good treatment for that, and sulfadimethoxine or Sulmet will treat some strains of cocci, while treating other illnesses.
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    I would also consider isolating her ASAP. My first thought, while trying to work out what could be wrong with her would be to give her vitamin supplements / electrolytes in her water. At least it may help before any treatments you chose to give her kick in.
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    I need to follow this thread.

    Moving this to a new thread so as not to hijack op's.
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    I would check water for cleanliness do ACV in the water, and offer different feed choices. My hens are getting super picky about what they eat while it is hot and they are moulting.
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