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    May 1, 2016
    Hey guys so i have a black and white chicken that i think is a Plymouth rock and i think she is sick. Her companion hen is a Rhode Island red and a few months ago the red had an extreme increase in weight, had trouble passing poo (which would often end up stuck to her rump feathers, she also drsnk drank a lot of water and sometime had liquid poo. I tried putting about a droplet of anti biotics and tried isolating her from the other 2 hens and she seemed to get better. Now the Plymouth rock (who used to be our most plump hen) has lost a ridiculous amount of weight, has a lack of activity and is constantly sleepy or sleeping. She drinks water but doesn't eat a lot and she is constantly having wet poo and has a dirty butt. Also she is very unstable, if i pick her up and put her down she will slowly fall to her butt and i saw her sitting like that in her butt. Finally she has a lack of vibrant color on her comb or face and hasn't started laying eggs while or red has. Guys please help me diagnose the problem and fix it.

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    Welcome to BYC. There are many possible causes for her illness. Coccidiosis is pretty common, as well as worms. Amprollium (Corid, Amprol, Ampromed) treat coccidiosis as well as sulfa antibiotics. Where are you located? What dewormers and antibiotics do you have available? Here are a couple of links to read about common diseases and reproductive issues:

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